Best AR-15 Triggers Options – The Complete Guide

AR-15 Triggers

Everyone who knows or owns an AR-15 trigger knows that the rifle is the most practical one out there. Both manufacturers and fanatics agree on this. The best AR-15 Triggers offer an exceptionally smooth feel with excellent lock time and lightning-fast positive reset, which to some extent, are high standards to meet. Just a brief history on how Velocity and Timney Triggers came about, Ton Vehr, heir to Vehr Family from Phoenix Arizona. First started by designing triggers for Timney Triggers, owned by his family. After 14 years, he left in 1995 to go and design for Knight Rifles after building an outstanding reputation in making triggers. In 2008, he ventured on his own and started Vehr Manufacturing. This became the parent company for Velocity Triggers and which now supplies triggers for well-known companies like Knight. His stellar reputation in the design of triggers is unmatched.

With such extensive knowledge and skill, one would expect that any trigger designed by Tom Vehr, the industry’s best, would be super expensive. However, this is not the case. The aftermarket triggers can be on the pricier end but it is not the same with Velocity Triggers. Sources say one can get a quality trigger for $150, which is quite a surprise! The cheaper price of Velocity Triggers vs Timney Triggers does not mean that quality is compromised. It is actually the opposite! Velocity Triggers have a lot of considerations put in, including quality controls that ensure you get the best trigger for your AR-15 rifle.

AR-15 Triggers
AR-15 Triggers

Velocity Trigger

When it comes to the buildup of the Velocity Triggers vs Timney Triggers, this is where the difference comes in. Velocity Triggers have a hammer, high-quality trigger shoe, and disconnector made from high-performance heat-treated tool streel that is wire EDM-cut. Electrical Discharge Machine, also known as EDM, is the most precise and advanced form of cutting than any other from any mill.

When it comes to aesthetics, its trigger shoe is an industry-grade black oxide that is treated then hand-polished to its fine form. This makes it look sleek and adds to its aesthetics. Its hammer and disconnector are NP3 treated by Robar, making them as durable as possible. Most people have never heard of this. It is a coating that has a high level of lubricity and causes low friction, meaning it significantly lessens most wear and tear and increases the life expectancy of treated parts. This is an assurance of the top-notch quality of the hammer and disconnector.

Timney Triggers

Timney Triggers, on the other hand, are at the hardcore end of the spectrum. They are the oldest and largest trigger manufacturers in the world. Their reputation as the best AR-15 triggers globally is indisputable. They are built for heavy-duty applications and hence are a notch higher in each aspect. Its parts are enhanced for a short, smooth trigger pull, quality precision, and fast action shooting. This level of expertise has been developed for over seven decades, resulting in spectacular precision trigger work. The Timney Triggers have a significantly broader trigger catalog than any other manufacturer.

Timney Triggers have several advantages over their counterparts. Understanding how they move and function is key to improving one’s rifle and shooting. Generally, they are two-stage triggers whose take-up allows some resistance, as much as half the pull weight, to allow more control. Their pull weight is known to be almost half as heavy as the rifle. This may sound a lot but it enhances performance, according to most users.

Most have adjustable pull weights to suit performance too. The great triggers from Timney triggers are also creep-free so one does not have to hold steady, waiting through a creep pull, the movement of a trigger just before the bang. They are built to minimize over-travel. This movement occurs on the trigger after the firearm has been shot. Over-travel can cause rifle movement, which can end up affecting the point of impact. Minimized over-travel is key. Timney Triggers are also known to be consistent; they feel the same way every time one takes a shot. That’s the selling point: giving the user reasonable confidence that the firearm will fire when intended, not being caught off-guard when it does. It is said that consistency is why shooters prefer aftermarket companies like Timney.

CMC Triggers

CMC Triggers are quite popular in the market, with a patented one-piece assembly that is easy to install. They have full-strength wire springs for fast lock-time and reliable discharge with factory or military ammunition. Quite similar to Timney Triggers, they also have hammers, triggers, disconnectors, and pins made with the highest grade, longest-wearing materials available. The assembly is contained in a high grade 410 stainless steel case. They are factory tuned for a superior trigger pull with minimum take-up and over-travel, increasing precision levels. The highest-rated Geissele Trigger created explicitly for military and law enforcement retails from $300 which is on the higher end, compared to Geissele Triggers.

Geissele Triggers

The Geissele Trigger is the trigger of choice for M$ carbine based firearms. They provide safe and reliable performance for military, law enforcement, and civilians. They do have different trigger types depending on the level of performance required such as the select fire, the super semi-automatic, and the hi-speed national match. As they say, they are built from high-quality materials and to the most critical of standards. Their selling point, in fact, is that they assure confidence for the sportsman, militant and law enforcer. All these are semantics that all brands basically boast about, the real difference is in the performance of the CMC vs Geissele Triggers.

The best-rated Geissele Trigger is designed for use with mil-spec pins and is a cost-effective solution when one needs increased trigger control. It is made of high-quality tool steel but one disadvantage is that they are non-adjustable. It is a two-stage trigger that features a total pull weight of 4.5 pounds so that every pull of the trigger is precise and accurate. Its retail prices start from $182 onwards, which is quite affordable compared to the CMC trigger.

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